Beating heart poem

“Beating heart”

Beyond the clouds, 
Beyond the nite
Like virgin snow
And burning bright

i know her – she is the dove
Her simple beating hearts a cure
Seems like the closest thing to love
There is an an angel, of this I’m sure
Beyond a bloody hell that’s pure.
She lifts me up
Her movements lithe
She hands me a cup
into this she pours my life

“Drink it now, break free anew
Before the devil steals it away from you.
Hurry now before its late 
Hes coming now hes full of hate
Surely you must not want to lose
This newly woven path you choose,
It curves and bows and loops and twists
There may never be another chance like this”

I drink it down
It fills me up 
But will I drown?
It rinses out it washes clean
But Hold me now Ive begun to bleed

By Shawnna Burt


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