Storm poem



 The storm of winter sank into us,

Her breath rough and ragged,

After the heat of late autumn-

A wind that blew dominant-

She sang, a woman scorned

And ranted and raved.

Its from this she was born-

Cried much like a babe


But there was trade to begotten

And jewels to be hoarded,

Gold deep under caves,

And it mustn’t be forgotten,

There was land to explore-

Via ship on the wave


Don’t go, I said,

At a place everyone knew

It was with a feeling of dread,

And it was all I could do,

As I sipped at my brew

Not to whack them over the head


Though it did all it could,

This ship that went under

Because of pirates-

No wonder-

Just as I’d mentioned it would.

The screams were like thunder-

Of poison, of plunder-

They were the cries of nobody good.



Back in the harbor,

They called me a witch;

So I began to kick and yell,

“Bitch! “

“It was nothing I wanted,”

But it was done,

They were already under my spell.





By Shawnna Burt


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