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New Release date for “The Death of Me” Get it at online retailers like Barnes & Noble books and ibooks on October 24, 2014.

Pretty soon I’ll be doing a press release, and a youtube video which will include where you can get a preorder so you can be the first get the book and you’ll also get it on sale. My book will will be in a format compatible will most computer and mobile devices.


Have to get my indie memoir “The Death of Me” reviewed. Any interest?

“The Death of Me” is a memoir on childhood trauma involving bullying, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, LGBT issues, and alcoholism. It also chronicles the three years from age fifteen to eighteen I spent in psychiatric hospitals for my eating disorder. This book targets a mature audience only. Definitely has some erotic scenes involving men and women (not at the same time) and some violent revenge fantasies, though nothing acted on. The violence was turned inward on myself. I know its an intense book for sure and not for everyone.

It’s being released on ibooks October 24, 2014. It would be great to have it reviewed by then but its ok if its after that as I know its so short notice. Its a short book, 100 pages. I can send it PDF format or as a word document.

You can learn more about on my blog I have here or on my author website:

“The Death of Me” quote. Coming to ibooks 9/12/14.

“I had to break free from my painful history in order to survive. I had to let it all go. Some people think too much, fight too much, and talk too much (or not at all). I was bullied all through school. I chose to go inward, to self-destruct. I chose an dark and elegant waltz with my own demise, a grand and epic symphony of masterful self loathing. I chose an eating disorder.”

– Shawnna R. Burt, author