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Valleys and mountains and roads
If I had it my way
I’d never grow old
Would like to go swimming
But These rivers have grown so cold

I Swallow the sorrow that cools between the years
My word’s an angry birth
Your hand’s upon my earth
Another’s upon the burning
of my tears

Angels, dusky clouds of June
The many faces of the moon
Pools and tides and lakes and springs
The blessed burdens and gardens a childhood brings
Without these roots we’d have no wings
Its only after a lifetime can we begin to sing

Copywright 2014
By Shawnna Burt


Purpose of my blog

Welcome to my blog!

The purpose of this blog is to encourage sufferers of either Anorexia or Bulimia and their families and friends. I’ve been recovered moderately for 11 years, and yet I struggle everyday. I’ll include everything from famous quotes to my observations of society: I’ll include everything its taken for me to heal.

I’m a writer; my book “The Death of Me” is getting published soon. I hope you get a chance to read it!

Thanks for reading!