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Tempest in the Tomb

A solemn hush had led me astray
As a furious sea swept into June
And When the rains came down they drizzled their tempest and violence upon the moon
And dropped to the earth to the place where I lay
On the night of the eternal womb
But the sweet flush of sunrise
Has near passed the gallows of sadness
And precludes an unforeseen surprise:
A haunted midnight bloom
So you see, among and within the ravings of madness
a life within the tomb

Copywright 2014
by Shawnna Burt



Valleys and mountains and roads
If I had it my way
I’d never grow old
Would like to go swimming
But These rivers have grown so cold

I Swallow the sorrow that cools between the years
My word’s an angry birth
Your hand’s upon my earth
Another’s upon the burning
of my tears

Angels, dusky clouds of June
The many faces of the moon
Pools and tides and lakes and springs
The blessed burdens and gardens a childhood brings
Without these roots we’d have no wings
Its only after a lifetime can we begin to sing

Copywright 2014
By Shawnna Burt



I play the Serrated edges against my skin
Giving a vague suggestion of where I’ve been
A Sharp stiletto to the breast
I play the hollow chords of a sonata on my chest

I haven’t the nerve. Yet.

I see you kissing her in the dark.
I can’t take it.
My savior no more, I missed my mark.
I plunge the knife in my soul high and low
Out comes the jagged love of this
Delicious Heart
Out comes the sadness that’s been Wanting to go.

No earthly love can engage me now
Or shed a light on thee
For it is those of us
Locked away in dreams on clouds
It is those of us that see.

The Gallows


Throughout this maze,
A blind man’s touch,
Patterned with haze,
And feeling too much.

Dark figures abound
In this labyrinth called life,
Many monsters are found,
Like the brute of a wife.

Walls drowning in shadows
And leaking with green
Straight from the gallows,
A madman unseen.

My sorrow is an ogre,
A beast in a cage,
Life living sober,
Is born out of rage.

At first I can’t look
Right into its eyes,
Like politics and crooks,
Its littered with lies.

For I cannot cry
About this story I tell
I think I will die
In this hell I know well.

As my perception grows clearer,
And as I draw nearer,
I can that its small,
Its blood and its fear,
Its nothing at all.

By Shawnna Burt


Im on my knees, Bless me father,
for i have sinned,
cool me in your holy water
For many years the light has dimmed
It’s only now you have the power
Your surface before now I’ve only skimmed

I got in too deep, I sealed my fate
What had looked like heaven was really hate

God help me!
I need your grace,
I walk beside thee
Im dying to meet your sweet embrace.
Will you sing with me?

By Shawnna Burt

My uncle Charlie, the misunderstood genius

by Shawnna Burt

My father’s older brother
Charlie, a secretive hunter
Wielded an axe,
Went after my mother.

Charlie went much farther
Where angels fear to tread
Like a rose in a graveyard
Where it’s terrible and wet.

Misheard and misread
Many years had passed
We thought he was dead.

A scarecrow we found,
Without bite or bark
He was hunkered and down,
And buried in dark

His frayed checkered blanket
Which had failed as a shirt
Its pattern is faded.

With smokes up his sleeve
Lone ranger boots
Were worn on his feet.
His hair had grown wild,
Whitewater rapids,
Cowl licks and spirals.

What little I knew,
This man I had feared,
Was not far apart,
From the place I was near.
A singer, an artist
With dreams locked within pages,
That kept him apart
From the truth said by sages.

Something awakened,
A phoenix from fire,
Free to be naked.
From the depths of desire,

As his breath became words,
His voice became wiser,
The best that I’ve heard,
This angel I admired.

By Shawnna Burt

To My Doctors poem

How I wish they could have understood me.

“To My Doctors”


Walls of cotton

The spiral downward

Worlds forgotten

And scream of night

Away from every inch of light

You beckon me with a call

Before I really start to fall.


Surely you must know by now

The what, the when, the why, the how

There’s many things in life to miss

 To never know a pain like this


The fire, the ice

Rabid violet and bluish nice

Surely you must understand

My bloody hot red demand

You’ve run the mile,

Or so I’m told

But what a pity,

To never know this thing you hold

By Shawnna Burt

Storm poem



 The storm of winter sank into us,

Her breath rough and ragged,

After the heat of late autumn-

A wind that blew dominant-

She sang, a woman scorned

And ranted and raved.

Its from this she was born-

Cried much like a babe


But there was trade to begotten

And jewels to be hoarded,

Gold deep under caves,

And it mustn’t be forgotten,

There was land to explore-

Via ship on the wave


Don’t go, I said,

At a place everyone knew

It was with a feeling of dread,

And it was all I could do,

As I sipped at my brew

Not to whack them over the head


Though it did all it could,

This ship that went under

Because of pirates-

No wonder-

Just as I’d mentioned it would.

The screams were like thunder-

Of poison, of plunder-

They were the cries of nobody good.



Back in the harbor,

They called me a witch;

So I began to kick and yell,

“Bitch! “

“It was nothing I wanted,”

But it was done,

They were already under my spell.





By Shawnna Burt

Beating heart poem

“Beating heart”

Beyond the clouds, 
Beyond the nite
Like virgin snow
And burning bright

i know her – she is the dove
Her simple beating hearts a cure
Seems like the closest thing to love
There is an an angel, of this I’m sure
Beyond a bloody hell that’s pure.
She lifts me up
Her movements lithe
She hands me a cup
into this she pours my life

“Drink it now, break free anew
Before the devil steals it away from you.
Hurry now before its late 
Hes coming now hes full of hate
Surely you must not want to lose
This newly woven path you choose,
It curves and bows and loops and twists
There may never be another chance like this”

I drink it down
It fills me up 
But will I drown?
It rinses out it washes clean
But Hold me now Ive begun to bleed

By Shawnna Burt