My book (the Death of Me) – excerpts

“I was seven when I began to sputter, kamikaze-like, go aflame, and die. It was not an accident. I did not fall. It was a choice, to jump down this deep dark hole.

-Shawnna R. Burt, author

“I had to break free from my painful history in order to survive. I had to let it all go. Some people think too much, fight too much, and talk too much (or not at all). I was bullied all through school.  I chose to go inward, to self-destruct. I chose an elegant waltz with my own demise, a grand and epic symphony of masterful self loathing. I chose an eating disorder.”

– Shawnna R. Burt, author



4 thoughts on “My book (the Death of Me) – excerpts

  1. I’m offering my salutations to the spirit of your passion…

    It would be interesting to know what beckons you to a world beyond.

    You know… That world, to which you open your eyes, just before the fall, and feel like you’re seeing for the first time…


    1. Thank you so much! It’s been a long road to get to where I am now. All I can say is the pain and suffering I’ve gone thru inspires me to to write. Creativity and pain are inextricably linked, it seems. It’s not all bunnies and rainbows. Good writing comes from a dark place, unfortunately.

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  2. Dear Shawnna, The number one command in the universe is to love ourselves wholly and unconditionally! We all have our own struggle with this command. But keep on keeping on, once you are over the crest the rest of life is far easier!
    Kindest regards, j’iam


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